Brewers Association (click to follow)

This is the premier site for Craft Brewers. You will find a wealth of information on all aspects of owning and operating a craft brew business. Membership grants access to premium sales/marketing tools and business statistic. A must for any craft brew business owner.

Portland State Center For Executive and Professional Education (click to follow)

Portland State University, in the center of Craft Brew America, offers an on line series of courses leading to a Certificate in the business of Craft Brewing. It covers cideries and distilleries as well as breweries. Mellie Pullman, a craft beer industry pioneer, put this together. There are many brewery courses at different universities but this is different due to its focus on the business side of the activity. Make no mistake, business knowledge is a must-have if you will be opening a brewery, tap house or any combination of making and distributing craft products. There is a lot of opportunity but also a lot of competition. Learn from the best to increase your competitive advantage!